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Porto Bello Restaurant

Porto Bello Restaurant, Grand Haven, MI

Porto Bello Italian Restaurant, nestled in the historic Piano Factory building in beautiful downtown Grand Haven, Michigan, features beautiful views of the harbor and is the perfect place for the family to enjoy a pizza made with their CW62PSC Peerlesss oven

Scott TenHagen, owner of Porto Bello Restaurant in Grand Haven, Michigan, explains why he chose Peerless Ovens and why he is happy with his decision.

Porto Bello is an Italian restaurant in a historic piano factory that features rustic brick walls & live music. It has been in business since 1991. During that time, he says he has used many different ovens but “nothing compares to Peerless,” which he found through our website.

Peerless customers are impressed with the small footprint of our ovens. The CW62PSC Scott bought only needs 56” of width and 42” of depth. It’s not just affordable, but is known to have high productivity. And Peerless takes care of their customers after the sale.

As for the performance of the CW62PSC oven, Scott couldn’t be happier. “We average 12-minute cooking time for pizzas as compared to 15-20 with other ovens,” he said. “I average 40-70 pizzas a night in the summer, along with many appetizer options that also go in the oven, and I also serve a Parmesan Whitefish during the summer that I bake in the oven for 7-10 minutes.”

The Peerless CW62PSC is part of Peerless’s Triple Double series of ovens that provide double the power, double the production and have double the warranty.

Scott says that when it comes to evenness of temperature distribution and efficiency, the balance of the oven has been absolutely flawless. “I have a Banquet Hall upstairs that sits 300 and have weddings every weekend. The food has been perfect, with even distribution and balance in temperature from level to level.”

Peerless makes quality products that are made to last. Addressing the rare problem is where the company really shines, according to Scott.

“I had an issue and it was resolved immediately. Peerless sent the part needed and it was fixed in two days. I also was allowed to send an invoice to Peerless to pay for the labor, but I did not because my guy did not charge me.”

Scott was impressed with not only the service but the information he was given. “They stand behind their product. They are very informative and when I did have an issue, they supported me 110%. I’ve been in this business for over 25 years and I have never had customer service as good as Peerless.”

Scott TenHagen, Owner
Porto Bello
41 Washington St.
Grand Haven, MI
(616) 638-0229

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