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C131P Testimonials

C131P Peerless Gas Oven Testimonials

Thank you for your interest in Peerless Ovens. We understand that choosing the right oven is a big decision and investment, so to help you in the process here are some unpaid testimonials from a variety of Peerless Customers — food truck operators to pizzeria owners to restaurants and bars. See what real customers have to say about our ovens, then feel free to contact us with any questions. We're here to help guide you in your journey to choosing the perfect oven for your needs!

C131P Testimonials Date Restaurant Type  Model
Completely Baked Pretzel Company 4/23/22 Mobile Food C131P
Pizzaroni’s, Reynoldsburg, OH 5/28/18 Pizzerias C131P
Royal Bavarian Brezen, Humboldt County, CA 9/9/15 Pretzels / Bakeries C131P
Miller's Ice Cream, Birmingham, OH 9/6/14 Restaurants C131P
Pete's Restaurant Equipment, Center Conway, NH 9/6/14 Dealer C131P
Pizza Trucks of Canada 9/6/14 Mobile Food C131P
Rosie's Pizza Concessions, Tampa FL 9/6/14 Mobile Food C131P
Beach Concessions, Hillsdale, MI 9/5/14 Mobile Food C131P

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