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Warranty Statement

Warranty StatementPeerless Ovens Standard Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

Peerless products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year from date of installation for parts and labor

All SC Series ovens qualify for two years parts and labor. Proper start-up procedures must be followed and warranty card submitted to activate either warranty.

If warranty is not activated, parts will be covered until the term of the warranty expires but labor will not be covered. Excluded from this warranty are any claims related to items that should have been performed at the time of installation such as: improper utility connections, poor methods of venting, checking gas pressure and calibration of controls, also excluded are normal maintenance items such as adjustments to pilots, burners and cleaning related issues.

If when making a claim for warranty service — during a claim inspection by Peerless or its service representative — it is determined that the equipment has not been used in an appropriate manner, has been modified, has not been properly maintained, has been subject to misuse or abuse, has not been properly installed / calibrated* or misapplication, neglect, accident, damage during transit, fire, flood, riot, or act of God, then this warranty shall be VOID.

* Warranty terms are VOID if instructions provided with equipment are not followed.

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