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Electric Pizza Deck Ovens

Electric Pizza Deck Ovens

Peerless Electric Deck Pizza Ovens are the best-in-class ovens on the market

You get the smallest footprint, the best baking ovens in the industry, and the best price, all using the least amount of energy!

Peerless electric deck pizza ovens are the most versatile and cost-effective on the market. They’re more than a pizza oven! By removing the decks you can also use them as baking or roasting ovens. If you need more capacity and have limited kitchen space, they can be double stacked.

Peerless electric ovens are available in either counter or floor models and are set up at the factory for single or 3-phase power. All Peerless electric deck ovens are factory tested, and controllers are set and locked for easy up set-up and use. Peerless electric ovens are equipped with energy efficient tubular sheath elements that are evenly spaced that — coupled with our unique interior design — results in even heat distribution and better baking.

*ALL Peerless Electric Ovens are also available ventless!!*

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