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Pizza Cravin’

Pizza Cravin’, Norwalk, OH

Pizza Cravin’ and Peerless CE61PE Ovens — with solid state relay and digital temperature control — are a perfect match for baking the freshest, piping hot, most delicious pizza in Norwalk

When Lanny Gilbert bought Pizza Cravin’ in Norwalk, Ohio, he was excited to start his very own pizza shop, but he had a problem. The oven that was left by the previous owner was not working properly.

“The oven that was in place needed repaired,” Lanny explained. “It was an older oven and I couldn’t find out exactly was wrong with it, and I didn’t want to throw money at it, so I did some shopping around.” He said that after going online, he quickly found the Peerless Ovens website, and saw that Peerless was located in Sandusky, Ohio, just minutes away from his restaurant in Norwalk. Lanny said that considering the obstacles he had to overcome to get anyone to even look at his old oven convinced him that working with a local company may be right for him. “I thought it would be convenient, if I had any questions or needed any parts for the oven, Peerless is right there.”

Gilbert decided to go with the CE61PE electric deck oven, and by his own admission, he is very happy with his choice. Although he is relatively new to the pizza business, he knows quality when he sees it.

“All I can say is that a lot of the customers have been saying that the pizzas are better than ever, and they really like the crust,” he said. “I would say the oven is making the difference in the crust, because I haven’t changed the dough at all. The volume is also good, but business is going so well I may need another one. It’s a good problem to have.” Luckily, the CE61 is stackable, meaning he can add two more decks right on top of his current two.

In addition to compliments from his customers, Lanny also appreciates the savings on his utility bills that the Peerless CE61PE provides.

“The previous owners were telling me I was a fool going with an electric oven, but they said their gas bills ran in the upwards of $200 to $300 every month.” He explained that while his electric bill is around $100 a month higher, he feels that the switch to electric is definitely a financially sound decision. “My gas bill went down to about $50/month, and that was in the winter when I heat my building with gas.”

There was another, aesthetic benefit to going with an all-electric model: “It cleaned up the pizza shop and just made it look nicer.”

What would Lanny say to other pizza colleagues looking for an oven? That depends on how close you are to his territory.

“I hope a lot of local pizza businesses wouldn’t go out and get that oven,” he joked. “I definitely would say that my customers like the pizza quality, and the oven is dependable and reliable. I would definitely highly recommend it, and I wouldn’t be looking to get another one if I wasn’t happy with the one I purchased.”

Lanny Gilbert, Owner
Pizza Cravin’
64 Benedict Ave.
Norwalk, OH, 44857
(419) 663-2728

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