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Peerless Ovens: “Home of the Maximizer”

Peerless Ovens has been manufacturing high-quality cooking equipment for over 100 years, and all Peerless products are made in the USA. Space-saving designs are the hallmark of all Peerless Ovens, which are available in gas or electric. Single ovens have controls under the door for a smaller footprint, letting operators free up valuable hood and kitchen space, while stacking allows doubling or even tripling capacity in the same space. All Electric Ovens by Peerless are also certified ventless, for those operators without a hood or hood space.

This design versatility lets Peerless bake a wide variety of foods, in a variety of different settings, from mobile food to high-end hotels. Peerless Ovens are proudly used in Pizzerias, Food Trucks, Bars, Convenience Stores, Entertainment Centers, Jump Parks, Axe Throwing Clubs, Amusement Parks, Bowling Alleys, Mexican Restaurants, Bakeries, Breweries, Wineries, and more! All Peerless Ovens offer large capacity in the smallest possible footprint, combined with the best standard features of any ovens in their class. Whichever Peerless model you choose, our qualified experts and customer support staff will be your partners in business for years to come.


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“I’ve worked in other kitchens with other ovens, but I really like Peerless. I’ve cooked so many things in it – we do flatbread, and it cooks them evenly into a really beautiful product.  We also do dips in the oven and we run our mac and cheese through the oven, too. It’s really versatile.”

Devin Lee, Shore House Tavern, Sandusky, OH

“I've always used gas ovens and was a little skeptical about the ventless electric keeping up. But it's been absolutely phenomenal and has exceeded all expectations. It's now our only piece of cooking equipment – we cook EVERYTHING in it – and just keep finding new things to do.”

Yogi Davis, Yogi’s Pizzeria, Nashville, TN

“What attracted us to Peerless was it not being bound to one place, it’s very mobile. If you’re just starting out, it’s a reasonable price range and also has the Peerless reputation behind it. There's hardly any other oven like it that can be not only a pizza oven but also a regular baker’s oven.” 

Cornelius Loewenstein, Royal Bavarian Brezen, Humboldt County, CA

“We use the ovens for a number of industrial applications. The most important thing for us is accuracy because we have to produce certified parts to military standards. We have to be within plus or minus 15 degrees, and the Peerless Ovens more than allow that to happen."

Mike Deye, Hale Performance Coatings, Toldeo, OH

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