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Mexican Ovens

Peerless Multi-deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens

Peerless Multi-Deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens

These time-proven Peerless multi-deck gas ovens are truly in a class of their own!

Peerless Multi-Deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens are simply the best on the market. Since 1919, these workhorse ovens have served the industry as a world-wide standard for economy and value — continuously updated to keep these units up to current industry standards in terms of materials, burners and controls.

Available in two popular floor models, Peerless Multi-Deck Mexican Gas Ovens can be set up for natural or LP gas. All Peerless gas ovens are equipped with a patented “Power-Pak” burner system for even heat distribution, coupled with our unique interior baffling system made of aluminized steel for balanced heat distribution throughout the oven cavities, making for a better bake every time.

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