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Pizza House West

Pizza House West, Sandusky, OH

Pizza House West enters the “No Spin Zone” with the Peerless Gas Oven CW100PE, which adds up to 20% faster cook time and $2,400 yearly savings in natural gas versus their old Blodgett oven

In 2014, Pizza House West decided to make a change and add a pair of Peerless ovens to their busy west side pizza shop in Sandusky. The popular pizza shop — located just right down the street from the Peerless Ovens headquarters — installed CW100P and a CW100PESC deck ovens. The difference in cook times and gas consumption has been dramatic, according to owner Steve Bacni.

“We definitely have less gas consumption using these ovens,” Bacni said. “I had a 1970’s Blodgett oven in here before that. My gas bills have gone down probably a good $150-200 a month. My highest gas bill this year has been about $400 lower than my highest gas bill the year before, a $2,400 yearly savings.”

H added: “Our cook times are a lot faster with the Peerless Ovens than with our Blodgett, probably by a good 3-4 minutes per large pizza. It takes about nine minutes for a large pizza, depending on what’s on it. By the time we got to the 30th pizza, they were done in about 12 minutes, which is pretty significant when you’re in and out of the oven a lot. It was 12-13 minutes, tops.”

Bacni also added that with the CW100PESC there was no need to keep checking the pizzas while they were baking.

“I didn’t have to keep checking the pizzas and rotating them in the oven,” he said. “I just left them in one spot and checked on them eight to nine minutes later, and they were pretty much done. That definitely helps us turn out more pizzas, especially on our busy days.”

Bacni also felt the thicker stones made a considerable difference.

“The one-and-a-half inch stones seem to hold the heat a little longer, so there’s not as much recovery time,” he said. “If I’m in and out of the oven, the thicker stones keep the heat in a little longer. With the electronic oven, if I open the door for 30 seconds then close it back up, it’s right back up to temperature within about five seconds. I can do six large 16-inch pizzas at the same time. I believe we cooked about 30 of them in an hour in one oven. We could probably do more than that. We cooked what we had orders for.”

In addition to pizza, he uses his Peerless ovens for other products as well. “We’ve done flatbreads in there, and you could do subs if you wanted to. We use the oven for big sub orders, and they come out fine. Subs take about four, maybe five minutes depending on the bun you use.”

Bacni said he would recommend the new electronic version of the CW100P.

“I would recommend the electronic oven with the inch-and-a-half stones because I know I can do a high volume of business with this oven,” he said. “It’s definitely better as far as holding the temperature, and it’s a little quicker. It’s well built, and it’s heavy. The door is heavy, and you can tell it’s made to last. I’ve had it for not quite a year, and it still looks brand new.”


Pizza House West
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