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Combination Pizza Deck Ovens

Peerless Multi-deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens

Peerless Combination Deck Ovens let you customize your oven configuration in the way that best suits your needs!

Peerless deck pizza ovens are available in either counter or floor models and can be set up at the factory for gas or single or 3-phase power. All Peerless deck pizza ovens are factory tested and controllers set and locked for easy up set up and use.

Peerless deck ovens are equipped with high quality energy efficient, energy saving tubular sheath elements and are evenly spaced around each oven to provide great distribution of heat. Great elements coupled with our unique interior designs and aluminized interiors for even heat and better baking.

* Custom combination units available! Combine any Bake/Roast Oven with a Pizza Oven to meet your specific needs. Contact Peerless for details.
(Heat source must remain the same for both units: Gas or Electric)

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