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Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza

Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza, Cincinnati, OH

Fritz Krimmer of Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza loves his Peerless CW200PE Electronic Gas Oven because it saves money and has become the workhorse in his busy kitchen

When Fritz Krimmer was 15 years old he got a job in a pizzeria in Silverton, Ohio, and three years later at the age of he bought that store and it became Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza. With a start to a career like that, it’s easy to see that making quality pizza has been a lifelong passion for Krimmer.

Krimmer now has two locations – the original store in Silverton, and a recently opened location in North College Hill. The opening of that new location is what prompted Fritz to purchase a Peerless Oven.

“When we opened the store here in North College Hill, it was the first time we started using Peerless Ovens. We have used other ovens pretty much the entire time I’ve owned Italianette, but we decided to give Peerless a try,” he said. Krimmer was impressed with what he had heard about Peerless, and decided to try the CW200PE electronic gas model.

The first thing Krimmer noticed was the amount of money he was saving on his gas bill. In the past, due to the amount of time required to set up the oven and bring it to the right temperature, the gas bills were becoming troublesome.

“Basically when we used our other deck oven, to bring it to the right temperature was such a time consuming process in the morning that we just left it on at night,” he said. “Now we’re able to shut the CW200PE down at night and start it up in the morning, with very little time needed to get to the correct temperature. There’s just more even heating underneath, the stones get hotter quicker, and with the electronic controller it just saves us a ton of money in gas usage.”

Another feature that Krimmer raved about was the consistency of the heat in all parts of the oven.

“One of the differences with the Peerless is that I don’t have any dead or hot spots in my oven,” he said. “The way that the burners are placed underneath in the Peerless compared to what we used at the original store – it’s night and day. We don’t have to move the pizzas around as much and just don’t have to worry about dead or hot spots in the oven.”

Recovery time is also an important factor to consider when buying a pizza oven, and Krimmer reported positive results. “I’ve been very pleased with the bake time of the Peerless Oven. They recover quickly, so at peak times our Peerless is recovering a lot faster than the other ovens we’ve used, and the time on the bakes is actually quicker.”

The end result is that Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza is doing very well, and the Peerless CW200PE has made a believer out of the owner.

“The temperature in the oven stays pretty constant, the recovery time is a lot quicker, I’m getting a more consistent bake on my pizzas because the temperature is more controlled, and the gas costs have really contributed to my bottom line,” he said. “I’ve been very happy with Peerless. Probably at some point we’ll be changing my original store over to these ovens. For the quality of the product that we got, the cost compared to the cost of other ovens that we were looking into – hands down Peerless wins in every aspect.”


Fritz Krimmer, Owner
Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza
North College Hill
1704 West Galbraith Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

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