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Hale Performance Coatings

Hale Performance Coatings, Toledo, OH

For over 95 years, Peerless ovens have been produced in Ohio, providing durable and dependable cooking equipment for restaurant — as well as leaving its mark in the industrial world

You can find a shining example of that right up the road from its headquarters in Sandusky, Ohio.

Hale Performance Coatings has been in business since 1930, providing a variety of chrome plating services out of its 26,000 square feet plant in Toledo, Ohio. In 2013, the facility added a pair of Peerless CE51IEs to their production floor.

“We use the ovens for a number of industrial applications,” said Mike Deye, the company’s vice president. “They’re used in a key process in the plating of industrial parts with chrome and nickel. And, they’re running pretty much non-stop 24-7 for the various processes we implement throughout the plant.”

Over the years, uses have greatly expanded for chrome, as have the plating solutions and concepts, according to Deye. Through research and development, Hale Performance Coatings is known for its prominent and successful DyClad process. They are also known for their economical and practical alternative to titanium nitride, DyCro-tuff.

They provide many other services, including their fully-stocked and staffed in-house metal finishing laboratory. They specialize in Electroless-Nickel and Electroless-Nickel with Teflon applications used in electronic, automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and manufacturing machinery. And Peerless has become an important step in making those services successful.

“The most important thing for us is accuracy,” Deye said. “We have to keep very close to our specs, and these ovens allow us to accomplish that. That’s very important to me because we have to produce certified parts to military standards. We have to be within plus or minus 15 degrees, and the Peerless Ovens more than allow that to happen. They run within a degree, and they’re very consistent in that respect. And that’s impressive because they run quite a bit.”

Deye also said that the space-saving and durability aspects of their Peerless Ovens were just as important.

“The stacked aspect was great for us,” Deye said. “It made for a great footprint in the plant because they don’t take up a lot of space. And they’re very durable. We’ve had absolutely no problems with them. If we ever needed more ovens, we would certainly want to go with another Peerless.”

Hale Performance Coatings
Mike Deye, Vice President
2282 Albion Street
Toledo, Ohio 43606
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