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Maudie's Tex-Mex

Maudie’s Tex-Mex, Austin TX

A multi-generation Texas tradition since 1954, Maudie’s Tex-Mex cooks up some of the tastiest dishes in the Lone Star State on their multiple “workhorse” Peerless 2348M and 2324M Mexican ovens

For over a generation, Maudie’s Tex-Mex has been bringing award-winning Tex-Mex dishes and fresh-squeezed margaritas to the folks in Austin, Texas.

Maudie’s Cafe had been around since the early 1950s and was always known for some of the best home-style cooking around. Joe Draker bought the restaurant in 1992 and changed the menu to Tex-Mex. They now have six restaurants in the Austin area, including the original Maudie’s Cafe. A seventh location is coming in the near future, according to director of operations Joe Ruhoff.

Back in 1999, the popular eatery was looking to make a change in their kitchens, according to Ruhoff. His search for a better oven led him to Peerless.

“We were using an old pizza deck oven, and it was a monster,” he recalled. “The folks at Ace Mart turned us on to the deck ovens from Peerless, and we converted over to the 2348M, and one of our stores uses two 2324Ms for two lines. We’ll be putting a 2348 in our new store.”

Ruhoff said the Peerless deck ovens are “workhorses” that help his kitchen staff prepare their extensive menu. “It’s our workhorse,” he said. “They can definitely withstand a high production facility like ours. We use them for everything, from our nachos and chalupas to our big chicken dishes. Everything is cooked to order, so the ovens are an intregal part of our cooking line,” he added.

“One of the main features we like is the high-temperature thermostats,” he said. “We can cook anywhere from 550 to 650 degrees. They’re great for making our enchiladas because it makes them bubbling hot. And the space configuration works much better for us. They’re more vertical, so we really save on square footage. Plus, they have four doors, so you can more in them. Overall, the Peerless products give us a better utilization of space.”

Ruhoff also said his Peerless ovens are more than able to handle the daily volume his restaurants produce.

“These ovens can take a beating. It’s a very durable product, and in time of repair, it’s relatively cost-effective. We do a high volume at our restaurants, and we don’t see any down time. Even if a repair needs to be made, we never have a time where we can’t offer a customer any of our products. Bryan and his crew are always reliable and available when we need any assistance,” he added. “They are very helpful in allowing us to keep the ovens properly maintained.”

Maudie’s Tex-Mex
Joe Ruhoff, Director of Operations
800 South Lamar
Austin, Texas 78704
1 (512) 474-0816

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