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Andolini's Pizzeria Food Truck

Andolini’s Pizzeria Food Truck, Tulsa, OK

Peerless Hits the Road with Andolini’s Pizzeria mobile food truck with a 2324P multi-deck oven that fits their space perfectly and helps them serve up some of the best pizza in Oklahoma

Deep in the heart of the Midwest, Andolini’s Pizzeria has become a big Oklahoma favorite in Owasso and Tulsa. Since 2005, brothers Jim and Mike Bausch have been making pizza and other authentic Italian dishes at their three popular brick and mortar restaurants.

In 2012, they decided they wanted to take their pizza on the road. The Bausch brothers turned to Pizza Trucks of Canada, which delivered their brand new pizzeria on wheels in mid-November of that year.

At the heart of their new truck was a Peerless2324P multi-deck oven.

“We’re all pizza purists,” said Jim. “We’d never do pizza in a conveyor oven. The oven we use at our restaurant was way too big to fit in a truck. It’s 10 by 10 by 10…it’s huge. That’s not going to happen with a truck.”

So Pizza Trucks of Canada suggested a Peerless.

“We’ve really been impressed with how it’s performed for us,” said Bausch.

Since 2005, Andolini’s has been a big performer in the world of pizza. Jim has been a chef for 24 years, while his brother Mike is a member of the World Pizza Champions. The two former Marines make everything from scratch, using fresh ingredients with no additives. Dishes served at Andolini’s are prepared using Jim and Mike’s specialized recipes. Everything from the smoked mozz to the pistachio pesto and meatballs are homemade. They even make their own milk mozzarella by hand using fresh curd. And all the dough for their pizzas is hand-tossed.

They’ve maintained that quality with their mobile kitchen. And the Peerless 2324P has been a big part of keeping up with the high volume at special events.

“I can assure you, a Peerless would be one of the fastest ovens you’ve ever owned,” Jim said. “This past year we did $6,000 at an all-day event at $4 a slice, no drinks or other items. That’s a lot of pizza in one day! I can’t think of anybody else who could pull off that kind of volume. Our brick and mortar stores can barely do that. The oven stood up. We’ve done a number of concerts and festivals with the truck, and we’re really impressed with what that oven can do.”

In October, the popular group Mumford and Sons did a concert in Guthrie, Oklahoma, with Andolini’s mobile pizzeria again getting the call. According to Bausch, the truck — and the Peerless 2324P — came through with flying colors.

“For a truck or any other small application, I don’t think there’s anything else on the market that can touch it,” said Bausch of his Peerless workhorse. “When you’re at a big event and you have to get the job done, nothing beats this oven.”

Andolini’s Pizzeria Food Truck
Jim and Mike Bausch, Owners
12140 East 96th Street
Owasso, Oklahom

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