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Peerless Ovens are a Perfect Fit for Mobile Food!

               7 years ago, Ed Goble decided he wanted to go into the mobile food business, so he started The Completely Baked Pretzel Co. based out of Norwalk, OH.  He came up with a menu, acquired a trailer, and bought the necessary equipment to outfit his mobile kitchen, but there was one vital piece still missing – the oven.  As Mr. Goble began exploring the internet and researching his options, Peerless Ovens stood out, and the decision to make the purchase is one that Goble says he has never regretted.

Ed Goble inside his food truck

Why did Mr. Goble choose Peerless?  “The story behind that is I was looking at all the oven brands on the internet and I thought ‘I need to find the oven that does everything I need,’” he explained.  “I wanted a stone oven, gas-powered, not a ton of weight, and as I’m looking at the C131P (at peerlessovens.com) I get to the bottom of the page and realize its manufactured 12 miles from house!”  Ed said the fact that it was manufactured locally made it the ideal place to start looking, and he ended up falling in love with the oven.  “I came to Sandusky and talked to (Peerless President Bryan Huntley) and he set me up with a dealer and I got a good deal,” Goble said.

               The thing that makes the C131P stand out according to Goble is the versatility and consistency, which allows him to produce a variety of menu items and run the oven for long stretches with no lag in performance or quality.  “I basically sell some of the most delicious pretzels you will ever have.  We make Pretzels in Ed Goble's Food Truckpretzels, gyros, and falafel – and I use the oven to make falafel because everyone seems to prefer it over a fried falafel- it’s healthier and taste better,” he said, adding that he also bakes wings in the C131, and that one of his biggest hits is baked potatoes.  “I’ve already prepped, scrubbed, and washed 120 potatoes and that’s just for this weekend,” he pointed out, saying that during concerts he probably sells 20 or 30 baked potatoes per hour.

               As far as stress testing the oven goes, Ed says he has put his oven through the ringer and couldn’t be happier.  “I’ll be running this weekend and the oven will not shut down for 48 hours, he explained.  “In the 48 hour stretch I will use about 60 pounds of gas, and that’s running nonstop - on a normal weekend I can get by with just a 40lb tank.”  And he knows that with Peerless, there will always be someone around to provide support or answer questions.  “I recently converted one of my ovens from natural gas to LP and the conversion was very simple - they talked me right through it and made it easy for me.  I’ve just had real good luck with this company,” Goble said.            

Ed Goble's Food TruckAll in all, The Completely Baked Pretzel Company has enjoyed success and has achieved Ed’s goals in short order.  “This is my seventh year,”he stated.  “I started with a rolling chassis truck I made into a trailer first, but my goal was in seven years to have a drive-a-long food truck, and I did it in six.  So I’m very happy with Peerless and I’m very pleased with my oven.”  Even though he sold one of his trailers recently, Ed says that both C131P’s are sticking around.  “I won’t let go of either one, and that’s because I can either stack them (to make a C231P), or I may get another truck, but I just love my oven.”

               The Completely Baked Pretzel Company and owner Ed Goble have turned an idea into a successful business, and with the help of Peerless Ovens the future looks bright.  So, if you’re looking to get into the mobile food business, consider these words from Ed Goble when considering an oven.  “My food truck is a Workhorse chassis, and I literally call my C131P the workhorse in the Workhorse.  Because it’s true.” 

Ed Goble

Completely Baked Pretzel Company, LLC

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Peerless Ovens has been in business for over 100 years and has been making its products in the Sandusky area for 90 of those years.   If you are in the market for a high capacity, space-saving oven for a restaurant, bar, bakery, food truck, or anywhere else, visit www.peerlessovens.com to view all our gas and electric models and request a free quote today!

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