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Firelands Winery

Historic Firelands Winery goes Ventless with Delicious Results

November 14th, 2022

The historic Firelands Winery & Restaurant in Sandusky, Ohio dates back to the late 1800s, boasting a long legacy of wine-making expertise that has evolved into one of the largest wine-producing facilities in Ohio.  With a history and reputation for internationally and nationally recognized wines, and the lineage to match it, this local landmark also took a step into the culinary future in 2021 by adding a Ventless CE231PESC Electric Oven to their kitchen, which has resulted in what many consider to be the best pizza in town and a worthy addition to the Firelands Winery experience.

The Peerless Ovens Ventless CE231PESC is a double stack electric oven thatcan do the job of a traditional pizza oven while fitting in a small space.  Additionally, the Ventless Hood system allows for the removal of grease-laden vapor without a hood, meaning that you can use this oven in a nearly limitless variety of applications without incurring the cost of an expensive hood and venting system.

Lenny Kromer, the Tasting Room Supervisor at Firelands Winery, said that customers love the pizza produce and the kitchen staff love using the oven.  “We’ve gone from having some issues with our menu to having, in my opinion, the best pizza in town,” Kromer said.  Sean, one of the cooks who uses the Ventless CE231PESC, agreed with Lenny’s assessment of the oven, saying that his favorite thing was the consistency with which it bakes.  “It takes about 30 minutes to start up and get to temperature,” he said, “but once it’s going it keeps the same temperature throughout, even during the busiest times.”  He said that they cook 12inch pizzas (using fresh dough) in just 7 minutes, an output that stays consistent throughout his shift. 

The combination of a small footprint, a consistent temperature, and 3 shelves in each oven means that Firelands Winery can produce more than enough food products for its hungriest crowds, while still maintaining the highest quality that patrons of this historic setting have come to expect.  There is no doubt that the Peerless Ventless CE231PESC Electric Oven is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to add efficient, economical food service to virtually any setting, without the need for a hood.

Peerless Ovens has been in business for over 100 years and has been making its products in the Sandusky area for 90 of those years.   If you are in the market for a high capacity, space-saving oven for a restaurant, bar, bakery, food truck, or anywhere else, visit www.peerlessovens.com to view all our gas and electric models and request a free quote today!

Firelands Winery & Restaurant

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