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Tom Jones Family Restaurant

Tom Jones Family Restaurant, Brookhaven PA

Tom Jones Family Restaurant in Brookhaven, PA, serves up a wide array of pizza, pasta and other popular dishes using their classic Peerless 2324 convection oven

Early in the year 2000, we were looking to replace our standard convection oven, which over the four years we owned it had given us more than our fair share of problems. Our equipment salesman suggested your company as an option. We were already familiar with Peerless, having previously owned one of your counter-top pizza ovens.

Not long after, as you know, we purchased your multi-deck oven. For less money than the convection ovens we were looking at, we now have a multi-deck, multi-purpose oven that has given us ZERO problems. Not only do we cook all our baked potatoes in it, we also use it for all our pizzas, and our baked seafood entrees. We were able to eliminate two other pieces of equipment along with the standard convection oven once we got the Peerless multi-deck up and running. As you know, we have the oven on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thanks for another quality Peerless product, and one less thing we have to worry about in our “always open” operation.

Tom Jones Family Restaurant
Joe Storm, President
4417 Edgemont Avenue
Brookhaven, PA 19015
(610) 874-4348

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