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Sneakers Pub & Grill

Sneakers Pub & Grill, San Carlos, CA

Our mission is to be the neighborhood choice for our guests and their families, proudly providing a casual atmosphere that consistently exceeds their expectations — helped by our Peerless 2324 deck oven!

I need to let you know our story. We are a full service sports themed restaurant and pub. We serve gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salads and gourmet pizza, and have been in business for 23 years. The first 21 years we used a wood burning oven that was on display for customers to watch. We finally decided to use the space for more seats. So with inadequate space in the kitchen we decided on a Peerless 2324.

Wow! Not only does it do a superior and more dependable job than our old wood burning oven, we have more than doubled our production capabilities. I would put my 2324 up alongside any deck oven out there. If you are a non-believer, call me if you are in the area and bring your best pie and we can cook it collectively in my Peerless. You will then be a convert. I guarantee it.

Sneakers Pub & Grill
Steven Salazar
1163 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 802-0177

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