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Rosie’s Pizza Concessions

Rosie’s Pizza Concessions, Tampa FL

We acquired four Peerless C131 ovens with the purchase of a concession trailer. These ovens are 10 years old and had been neglected, but are still cooking strong!

I have had to replace two oven baffles, two thermostats, and two sets of burners in the four ovens. What has impressed me is the ease with which I have made all of these repairs. And what I have had questions about was answered quickly and thoroughly by Bryan at Peerless immediately.

I wish all my food service equipment came with this kind of service and support.

The first day we used the trailer we found out that two of the ovens would not operate properly. This was for a huge event, I thought we would need all four ovens to get by and that we were going to be in trouble. Boy was I wrong! At peak time we could have used a third oven for about an hour, but we plowed right through and hardly broke a sweat with our two good work horses.

To say I was impressed was the understatement of the year! I learn more about the pizza business every day, but I already know I will be a loyal customer of Peerless ovens from this point forward.

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