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Pizzaroni’s, Reynoldsburg, OH

Do you use a conveyor oven in your shop, but wish you could still provide the crispy flavor your patrons desire? Try a Peerless C131P deck oven to finish off your pizzas!

Using a C131P deck oven to finish cooking pizza is exactly what they are doing at Pizzaroni’s, a popular pizzeria in Reynoldsburg Ohio. and the results couldn’t be better. Tony, the owner, explained that 25 years ago conveyors weren’t as popular as they are now, and while they have their benefits, they also leave many customers wishing for a crispier pie.

“In our old Pizzaroni’s we had a baking oven which only went up to 500 degrees, and we were so popular that we would have to shut the kitchen orders down for a couple hours on Friday and a couple hours on Saturday because the oven just couldn’t keep up,” he explained. “When we switched to a conveyor my wife said, ‘We are going to need another oven so we can finish the pizzas off.’”

“What we do is cook the pizza in the pan for 15-20 minutes, and then put in in the Peerless for a couple minutes to get a nice crispy pizza,” Tony revealed. “When you have a conveyor oven the customer automatically thinks, “Oh man, it’s not going to be a good pizza’ because it’s not a brick oven,” he elaborated. “What I would say is that people (who don’t use a deck oven) are missing the boat because if you do it the way we do it and finish it off in your Peerless oven you get a much better pizza.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about Peerless Ovens. I love it, it’s a great oven. As far as gas bills, Peerless compared to my conveyor – that thing just sucks gas – and the Peerless we barely notice. As far as quality you can’t beat finishing pizza off in a deck oven. When people open a shop, they are either looking for quality or they are looking for cheap.  If you care about quality you need to go that extra step and get a Peerless Oven.”

Pizzaroni’s Pizza
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