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Pete’s Restaurant Equipment

Pete’s Restaurant Equipment, Center Conway, NH

Peerless C131P pizza ovens offer Pete’s Equipment customers the ‘Best Value for the Money’ and has helped make them one of the most successful restaurant equipment suppliers in New Hampshire

Over the years, there have been countless Peerless customers who have realized the value of a C131. Our dealers, like Bruce Scrimger of Pete’s Restaurant Equipment in New Hampshire, recognizes that value too.

“More people should be aware of these ovens,” said Scrimger. “I know there was a time I wasn’t aware of them. I had a customer who was desperate for an oven like this, but didn’t have $4-5,000 to spend. The Peerless C131 was the answer.”

Scrimger went on to describe what makes the C131 such a solid value.

“The C131 offers pure value compared to other models out there on the market,” he said. “One thing that stands out is their size. Their size is great because they don’t take up a lot of room. It’s a relatively small footprint. You can bake four pizzas at one time with this oven. There are other manufacturers who make ovens this size. But any of the other ovens on the market of this size that do what the C131 does cost twice as much.”

Scrimger also added that the customer service Peerless provides adds to overall value.

“Dealing with Peerless is great,” Scrimger said. “Half the time when you call them, you get the owner on the phone. “That’s huge. You’re going right to the big desk, and I really like that as a dealer. You get the assurance that you’re getting the right information and the help you need. It can be help with something as simple as delivery time. If I have an order that needs to be rushed, they can look at their entire production schedule and make an adjustment if needed.

Scrimger also likes Peerless’s attention to detail. “They’re very technically oriented and specific on installations. They emphasize that the proper installation of their equipment is critical. Their technical staff is really great to work with. They do anything to answer your questions and provide the information you need to facilitate the proper installation of their product,” he added.

Finally, Scrimger said he and his customers have been impressed with the C131’s rugged construction.

“Absolutely,” he said. “This oven’s overall quality is a big part of it’s overall value factor. You can definitely see the quality of construction. It’s top notch. But one thing my customer wants to know is this: ‘How much does it cost?’ Well, lots of people sell pizza ovens, but Peerless makes one that doesn’t cost my customers an arm and a leg.”

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