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Papa Libretto Pizza Truck

Papa Libretto Pizza Truck, Charlotte, NC

Peerless goes along for the ride with Papa Libretto’s and their 2348P pizza oven as they take to the road to serve the best mobile pizza in the Charlotte, North Carolina area

When the folks at Papa Libretto’s Pizza decided to go mobile with their first food truck, they knew they would need the right oven to go along with it.

“We needed to find an oven that would be efficient and put out the most pizza possible,” said owner Scott Bragman. It didn’t take long before their search led them to Peerless.

Their new venture, the Papa Libretto Street Pizza Food Truck, hit the road the first week of May, 2014. Going along for the ride was a Peerless 2348P.

Bragman said he and his crew were familiar with Peerless through their brick and mortar shop. “When we thought about it, the Peerless fit the description of what we needed,” he said.

“We knew it would put out a good product. First of all, the size is perfect,” Bragman said. “We were able to get a four-deck pizza oven into a relatively tight space. So that was the first thing we liked about it. But not only that, it really produces. The rebound time is really good too.”

Bragman said his 2348P has been able to keep up with customer demand when the truck has journeyed to local events in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

“I remember we were at this one event where there were four pizza trucks,” Bragman said. “Two of them had wood fire ovens, and the other one didn’t have an oven. Well, we soon realized that day that we had top-of-the-line equipment. We could tell that the other trucks were having a hard time keeping up with the demand. We didn’t have that problem, and we had lines of over 50 people deep.”

Bragman said he’s had several people take a look inside his mobile pizzeria during their first months of operation. When they see the 2348P, they know Bragman and his crew mean business.

“You can tell they’re impressed by their whole facial expression,” Bragman said. “It’s a professional oven. People are impressed when they come around back and take a look inside. They always ask about where we got our oven. Having that oven definitely sets us apart from everybody else.”

Bragman said the customer service he has received from Peerless has been a big help as well.

“When we bought the oven, they helped us with everything. They’re absolutely awesome with that. Bryan and Ted have answered every question we’ve ever had.”

Bragman didn’t hesitate when asked if he would recommend Peerless to anyone in the food truck business.

“If somebody asked us about putting an oven in their truck, we would absolutely recommend a Peerless,” Bragman said. “And if we decide expand our mobile food business and add another truck in the future, the oven in that truck would – without a doubt – be a Peerless.”

Scott Bragman, Owner
Papa Libretto Pizza Truck
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 778-6669


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