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Chef’s Kitchen Buffet and Catering

Chef’s Kitchen Buffet and Catering, Owensboro KY

From wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and business lunches to homestyle cooking and more, award-winning chef Tony Tong relies on his Peerless 2348 to keep up with his busy catering kitchen

Chef Anthony “Tony” Tong has been operating restaurants in the Owensboro, Kentucky area for 42 years, and in that time he has learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t work in this industry. He now has two sons that are now running restaurants of their own, and was more than happy to talk to Peerless Ovens about his business, and why he is so loyal to Peerless.

“The name of the restaurant I have now is called Chef’s Kitchen – it’s a gourmet restaurant,” Chef Tony explained, adding that “my youngest son runs Brickhouse Pizza which I opened several years ago, and my oldest son runs the Local Kitchen and Bar on Highway 54.”

“I’ve been using Peerless ovens for probably close to 20 years, and I love them,” he explained. “Everything impressed me about Peerless Ovens because first off they’re the best for less; second they can handle a high volume of pizzas.” He went on to explain that keeping up with demand on a busy night can be a challenge if you don’t have the right equipment, pointing out that “on Fridays we may run 300 pizzas through the ovens.”

You don’t stay in business for as long as Chef Tony without doing something right, and he insists that Peerless ovens are a big part of his success. He sees big things coming on the horizon for his businesses and isn’t shy about it. “We just signed a lease on another building and we’re going to do some top of the line pizza that’s never been done in this town,” he said. “It’s called Chef Antonio’s Pizzeria, and it will be a gourmet pizza buffet – we’ll do gourmet pizza, salad bar, breadsticks, sliders, pasta, desserts. It’s going to be the hottest location in Owensboro.”

Does Chef Anthony have any advice for someone looking to get an oven?

“Tell them they need to get a Peerless – I like the 2348 because I can fit more pizza in,” he said. “Now, I have dealt with other brands, and they make some pretty good pizza ovens, but they’re definitely not the best, and they cost 3 or 4 times more. I don’t want to pay a lot more money for something that’s not going to do a better job than a Peerless.”

Business is good for Chef Anthony and sons, and they expect it to continue that way for quite a while. Chef Anthony added the final word, saying “all I know is Peerless ovens have been great for me, they make a great product, they really are the best for less and I’ve never had problems.”

Chef Anthony Tong, Owner
Chef’s Kitchen Buffet and Catering
3600 Frederica St
Owensboro, KY
(270) 215-4149

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