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Bert's Bread House and Peerless Bake Ovens are on the Rise

The Peerless 2324B Bake Oven is a Great Alternative to Convection Ovens

Bert Premuto, owner and operator of Bert’s Bread House in Fishkill, NY, knows a thing or two about baking.  Not only has he been running his business successfully for 3 years, he also grew up in the business, as his parents had a bakery when he was a kid.  Mr. Premuto knows what it takes to bake a great product, and he couldn’t be happier with his Peerless 2324B Bake Oven.

A Peerless 2324B Bake Oven

Many bakers and bakeries use convection ovens, and though Bert’s first oven is a convection, he recently added a Peerless 2324 Bake Oven and is impressed with the results.  “I always like to have a 2nd oven (in case one goes out) and for the Peerless I thought the price was reasonable, plus I have a very small place so I didn’t want something big.”  As Peerless Ovens is known for space-saving designs, the 2324B was able to fit perfectly into a space that most commercial ovens couldn’t.

Danishes from Bert's Bread HouseMr. Premuto describes his business as a “breakfast café,” and said that he uses the Peerless for most of his breakfast menu.  “I make Danishes, croissants, pretzels, rolls, and I use it for my bagels and large pretzels too,” Premuto explained.  “I still mostly use the convection oven for the breads,” he said, “but I have baked them in the Peerless and they come out great.”  He further elaborated that he even makes cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and sponge cakes in the 2324B.  “It bakes great, it really does.” 

Another thing that has impressed Bert is the service which Peerless Ovens provides its customers.  After purchasing the oven through a Peerless Ovens dealer, Mr. Premuto says he reached out to Bryan Huntley, owner of Peerless, for help with a couple of issues.  “From day one I only had a couple minor issues,” he said, “but Peerless and Bryan really helped me out with the technical stuff and I thought the service was wonderful.”

Pretzels from Bert's Bread House

Traditionally, the thought among many bakers has been that only a convection oven can cook your product evenly, but Mr. Premuto found out like so many other satisfied customers that the Peerless deck oven design is very effective.  “As far as bread I would prefer the deck oven over the convection,” he said.  “I feel the deck oven bakes evenly - it doesn’t get too hot – and I get great product out of it.”  A better interior design, luminous interior, and better distribution of heat makes a Peerless deck oven as good as convection, for a fraction of the price.  Peerless Ovens are also available with steam injection connections - ask a Peerless representative for more details.

As for Bert’s Bread House, the business is thriving and its hard to imagine that having a reliable oven isn’t a factor in that success.  “I told Bryan I’d buy another one of these in a heartbeat,” Premuto said, “especially because the service was great and I was looking something for made in America.  It’s a great oven, it fits perfectly in my place, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  I would definitely recommend Peerless to anybody.”

Peerless Ovens has been in business for over 100 years and has been making its products in the Sandusky area for 90 of those years.   If you are in the market for a high capacity, space-saving oven for a restaurant, bar, bakery, food truck, or anywhere else, visit www.peerlessovens.com to view all our gas and electric models and request a free quote today!

Bert Premuto

Bert’s Bread House

19 Robinson Street

Fishkill, NY 12524


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