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Peerless CE231IESC Electric Deck Industrial Oven


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Type: Electric Industrial Oven

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Product Details

The CE231IESC is built with prime 20-gauge cold-rolled sides and topped with a 16-gauge base. The interior is made of Armco Type 1, 20-gauge aluminized steel. Also, the CE231BESC comes standard with a stainless-steel front using high quality 18-gauge stainless steel.

It is equipped with eight (8) energy saving tubular elements and with our unique baffle system, makes the oven highly efficient and eliminates hot spots. The heavily insulated walls coupled with a no vent system, reduces heat loss and keeps the area safe for workers. The CE231IESC is well powered by 14,000 watts, which enables it to have an extremely fast recovery rate.

The CE231IESC is the only double-door, six shelf electric oven available. Each CE131IE houses three (3) steel decks which offers 912 square inches (5883.8 sq cm) of heating area per shelf. That equals 2736 total square inches (17,651.8 sq cm) per oven.  When you compare the cost per shelf or per square inch to other ovens, Peerless is by far the greatest value.

  • Size: Large 24” x 19” x 15” compartments w/ 1.5” pizza stones
  • Capacity: 2,736 sq. inches of available cooking space on six (6), cordierite decks
  • Power: Electric, Single Phase Standard
  • Energy-saving tubular elements coupled with our unique baffle system for even heat and better baking
  • Full range digital 300°–650° thermostat
  • All controls can be easily serviced and replaced
  • 2-year parts, labor, and trouble-free service warranty

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