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Combination Industrial Gas Ovens

Peerless Multi-deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens

Peerless Combination Industrial Gas Ovens are in a class of their own!

Choose Peerless Ovens for long life and durability

This class of ovens is designed for industry and industrial-type applications.  If you're looking for a restaurant for baking or restaurant setting, use the Ovens drop down at the top of the page to view our P (pizza), B (Bake & Roast), or M (Mexican) ovens.

Peerless industrial gas ovens are available in a variety of combinations and are considered in the industry as “Sectional Ovens”. They are pre-stacked at the factory and can be set up for Natural gas or LP gas.

All Peerless ovens are factory tested for the highest satisfaction rates in the industry. They come equipped with our “Power-Pak” burner system for even heat distribution.

All Peerless Ovens come with a one-year Parts and Labor warranty.

* Custom combination units available! Combine any Bake/Roast Oven with a Pizza Oven to meet your specific needs. Contact Peerless for details.

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