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Combination Industrial Electric Ovens

Peerless Multi-deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens

Peerless Combination Industrial Electric Ovens are in a class of their own!

Choose Peerless Ovens for long life and durability

This class of ovens is designed for industry and industrial-type applications.  If you're looking for a restaurant for baking or restaurant setting, use the Ovens drop down at the top of the page to view our P (pizza), B (Bake & Roast), or M (Mexican) ovens.

All Peerless ovens are equipped with high-quality, energy efficient, energy-saving tubular sheath elements that are evenly spaced to provide even distribution of heat. They also come equipped with a Modern Digital thermostat for precise temperature control and Solid state relays for silent operation.

All Peerless Ovens come with a one-year Parts and Labor warranty.

* Custom combination units available! Combine any Bake/Roast Oven with a Pizza Oven to meet your specific needs. Contact Peerless for details.

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