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C131 Gas Counter Model Parts (1981-Older)

Peerless Multi-deck Mexican Gas Deck Ovens

C131 Gas Counter Model Replacement Parts (1981-Older)

Peerless makes it easy to order parts to keep your oven in top operating condition. Most part replacement can be done by you, though some may require professional installation. Contact us with any questions.

Find the right part for your oven. Use the search bar using your model number, or the part number you are replacing. To view a part number, click the part to advance to the part detail page.

BJ650 Thermostat (f/ C131P)
Regular price $355.00
Dial for BJ650 Thermostats
Regular price $28.00
TS11K Safety Valve (High Temp)
Regular price $395.00
TS11K Head Only (Low Temp)
Regular price $265.00
T-46 36″ Thermocouple
Regular price $42.00
Pilot Burner/Holder 2 CHRL GS-NS
Regular price $115.00
3 Cell Burner
Regular price $375.00
Oven Bottom Baffle F/C131
Regular price $245.00
Hinge Pin Assembly (Sold in Pairs)
Regular price $165.00
Door Handle
Regular price $105.00
Flue Box
Regular price $125.00
Top Adapter/Flue Box (Direct Vent)
Regular price $105.00
Top Adapter/Flue Box (Canopy Vent)
Regular price $105.00
Flue Divertor/Direct Vent Only
Regular price $155.00
5/8″ Pizza decks
Regular price $225.00
Peerless Oven Handle Covers
Regular price $105.00
Pressure Regulator (LP Models)
Regular price $115.00

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